Bearing Witness:Your Sudden slow Demise

It propels her forward. Its simultaneous coldness yet warmth seizes her hand in a deadly game of life and death. Haze and Silence all around now.. her body cold ablaze from thoughts crisscrossing her mind.

Flashes of voices penetrating left and right in an unforgiving wave of Desires threatening to Swallow her whole.

She cries out, ” I am lost….my Mind betraying me now! The voices now surrounded by flashes of blurring images -Images become the incomprehensible corridor comprised of a maze of roots slowly, with its deadly gently caress, seizing her into its web.

The train… the trains crisscrossing now back and forth and forth and back in every unimaginable direction. Tracks leading this and that way turning  unyieldingly ever so away from the destination …home. Home, Yes the sanctuary , the safe haven from ….IT!

Noise, oh the castic Noise.. NOW. Everything so unbearable. The escape hatch…

LET ME GO! Oh, I see…what does it say? Whispers, whispers ceaseless stream of whispers marching forward propelling in a gigantic frantic audio-montage mercilessly onward cleaving your very soul… your very life artery…your essence.

GO AWAY! Hush…hush….noiselessness.You gain hold again of that part-the part of your self Fighting, FIGhting….fighting…f-i-g-h-t-i-n-g! Battle ensues…life and death cradling in sweet cold determination.

She answers now. Wie geht es dir? Hallo…hello you there? Wer ist da? The Phone an unfamiliar foe now.It betraying your senses. So far away now , your voice. Mutti, hoerst du mich? What? You must find your way H-o-m-e! Home? NO, it is too late..I missed it, that chance…was there a chance?  Dead air again. SHE…drifts away now. The line…oh how you yearn.



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