Daily Prompt: Pungent

Daily Prompt: Pungentvia Daily Prompt: Pungent


Oh, the Pungent sensation- sweet and penetrating within my soul. It starts in your throat and trickles inward towards the heart.The heart now encased in its pervasive and ensnaring embrace on the verge of suffocating from its tightening stranglehold clinging for life to remain.  The unceasing pungent reminder that life has changed. The death has caught up with you. The death of knowing that life will  not remain encased- protected- the inner circle containing that which is most dear to you- coequal partners in life. You have gone from me now… Oh the Pungent aroma of life’s bitterness now forcefully shattering the illusion of safety. The safety that once allowed you to take for granted the eternal presence of that what was You. Yet? You find yourself craving its vile beautiful  grotesqueness that which enables you to remain by my side. Oh, how I crave you now.. The pungent pain will not let me forget and thus keeps me close to YOU.



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