“The Frozen Caption of You!”

Image result for longing

She suffered from Mental Illness…Yes, she was overtaken that by which she could not escape.

SORRY-thank you- I hear myself- a distant voice now-say. Who could have known? Who did know?

We noticed her losing weight (The friends mention).

I saw her walking down the street talking to herself…She tells me (a stranger, but acquaintance to my Mother).

She sat down in front of our cafe in seeming deep thoughts. NO, we did not ask her if she was ok. Why NO…just observed. Strange looks, should we have asked her if she needed help? Confusion.

Oh, your Mother was such a nice person always helping everyone. She sat with us in the backyard waiting for her daughter often. She loved that boy…her grandson…my nephew always caring too much.

Yes, I saw her talking to police.. Oh, but I have a right to be at my daughter’s house!- SHE heard her while passing down the stairs saying to the police officer.

She was not yelling?

NO, she never raised her voice…she was just chanting a Japanese prayer…kneeling in front of your sister’s door. The NEIGHBOR, a young girl of sixteen, the daughter of the cafe owners downstairs in the same building whispered softly in an almost breathless tone.

BUT I Don’t Understand!!!!! How does one begin to comprehend the cruelty of it all? You simply can’t. NOW…what is left-what is left to recover?

The tragedy engulfing her..but wait they say YOU need to stop…STOP NOW!!! How do you preserve your Mother’s memory within the knowledge of the cruel acts of inhumanity and pure apathy endured?

Frozen now….tears scars piercing my Memory of you. The Pain within entombing itself deeper and deeper inside with each passing minute, hour, day, month.

Ice covering the pain of that which is no more and that which could have been.


Oh SWEET, unrelenting Agony stay by my side so that I can freeze the Memory of YOU!



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