Fleeting remembrance

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Alles erscheint anschaulicher. Das Erwachen eine schmerzhafte jedoch notwendige Ausuebung.

That Moment- the glimpse- of perverse recognition of the illusionary  insistence of that which defies.

It.…threatening to collapse the etched sanity of the Oh, so seductive false consciousness.

The unruly abjection of its uncivil -primal chained within.

It simultaneously wraps and releases itself within the very cracks of that which is you.

Consciousness what an uninvited absurd guest.

The Myth of You!!

The You that keeps circling back to Freud’s notion of the thrive for life- yet destruction.

The point of return. Absolution.  The sweet lure of collapse.

“The Goal of Life is Death”.

The incessant repetitive compulsion emerges as an inescapable facet of  the human

condition. The illusion of Y-o-u-!  The Self marked by the matrix of the social , in a

Jungian sense, the collective unconscious of corporal antiquity.


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